ShenaniTims Vs. Anki: Round 1

DSC_0100 2

A weekly report reviewing how I did reviewing the words I’m learning. Hurray!

So my scores took a dive this week; my 2nd week using Anki studiously. From around the 70-80% accuracy range to about 60%. My excuse for this is because the first week had me loading in words that I already had experience with. So it was truly a “review” and not so much learning new vocabulary.

This week I’ve started photographing my students’ own vocabulary homework and working them into my decks. So now I’m facing words I have no familiarity with, along with the words being provided to me from the class I’m taking.

Some might see overload, I just remember what my teacher said last week, “if [I] keep this pace up, I’ll be speaking excellent Korean by this time next year.”

So without further ado, let the graphs begin!


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