ShenaniTims Vs. Anki: Round 2


Another week of seemingly intermittent progress. I still haven’t completed the vocabulary sheet I started weeks ago to anyone’s satisfaction. I took two different quizzes on the words this week: one tasking me with reading the words in English and writing them in Korean, and the other with the languages reversed. As can be seen above, I rocked the identify the Korean test (90%), but my writing wasn’t strong enough to carry me through the English one.


Depending on how we grade the above, I’ve either (barely) earned a 61%, or I’m holding steady at 74%. Neither is good enough for me, but the latter does seem a bit more hopeful. The major grading discrepancy for me is how to decide the fate of some of these words. “Hard,” for instance, can be said either as “단단한” or “어려운.” I learned it as 단단한, and given the large number of vocabulary words here, focused on learning new words rather than variations of words I already know.

So I’m at 61% correct if we say I need both answers to truly be “right.” I’m at 74% if the demands are changed to only needing one correct answer. And of course I could factor in partial credit, and probably would’ve if I had had another 1/2 hour at the academy on the night I took this.

Anki provided another similarly puzzling week. My percentages took a dive there too, but I displayed a bizarre habit of following each terrible quiz with a bout of dumping more words into the deck. That said, you can clearly see a mass of cards slowly making their way through to the mid range (10-20 day rotation), which means I am learning new words, I’m just really bad at getting the new ones right.

As an added “bonus” (depends entirely on how much work one likes doing), I also started using this week. It’s now officially Anki’s sister site? (Are they sister sites if one of the sites only provides the program and not the content? Does it matter?)

With Lang-8, you post things you’ve written in the language you’re seeking to learn, and then native speakers of that language correct your spelling, grammar, etc. You, naturally, return the favor for those trying to write in your language. It turns out I’m a better writer than I am a speaker.


Look, I wrote a perfect sentence!

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