Translation: Soil.


So not much to report on the Korean front, which is why this week’s update is coming in on Thursday instead of the usual Monday or Tuesday.

No class this week, which’ll make it around four or five in a row with less than stellar results. (For sticklers: we technically did have class last week but it was the first in forever, so it was mainly spent coming up to speed on my progress. In my mind, no homework = no class.)

One amazing thing did happen though, which saves me from becoming a horrible, disillusioned wreck. On the way to the fantastic, hole-in-the-wall restaurant where we dined, one of the regular students asked the program director what “흙” meant. It was on a(nother) restaurant’s sign. The student guessed “clay,” and I jumped in with the correction: “soil.”

While this may not seem like much on the surface, knowing even one word that a 7-8 year veteran teacher doesn’t is a huge badge of honor for me. I also didn’t have to stop and translate it in my head, I knew what it was as soon as I heard the name. Providing some validity to my “No English” Anki rule.

And to think, just days before I was actually doubting myself over my inclusion of all the vocabulary words I’m pulling from the kids’ quizzes at work. I wondered, “When am I ever going to use ‘soil?’ How many times did I say ‘soil’ in English?”

Turns out my “learn everything” mindset just might be the best mindset!

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