ShenaniTims Vs. Anki: Round 3

The biggest change between my performance last week and this week is the rapid growth of my Maturity deck. As you can see on the Forecast, (daywise) the upper 20s is steadily growing with the mid- to late 20s filling out nicely. As far as stats go, my total number of Mature cards increased from 31 cards (12%) to 75 (26%). All this with only a very small drop in my Learning decks (Last week: 217 Young-Learning cards vs. 214 for this week.)

As far as Intervals go, the majority of cards are now falling in the 4 to 5 day range, rather than last week’s 1 day range. I feel like I dropped off on adding cards this week (I photocopied a lot more of my students’ vocabulary worksheets to learn than I loaded into the Anki). I feel this way, but I averaged a 70% when quizzed this morning, and hit 70% when quizzed by my teacher in the evening. So Anki’s accuracy percentage does seem to be a legit.

A score that will undoubtibly crash this week, as we actually had class and I was given a slew of new words to learn. So my Young-Learning cards deck should bump skyward for this upcoming week. (I loaded about half the straight vocabulary terms tonight, will load the rest tomorrow, and then continue adding in key phrases throughout the week.)


Is ShenaniTims full of shit? Tell him now!

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