ShenaniTims Vs. Anki: Round 6

It’s a familiar pattern: usually around Wednesday I become incredibly frustrated with my progress in Korean. (This usually coincides with my first Anki quiz bombing of the week.) My mind becomes nothing but an unending barrage of messages: Why am I doing this?, why aren’t I making (better) progress?, why hasn’t anyone told me that I’m clearly wasting my time. Luckily this week, and as in all the weeks past, salvation came running down an aisle in the 슈퍼마켓 (supermarket).

Okay, more leisurely walking to the entrance than “running,” but who’s keeping score?

A middle-aged lady was walking to the entrance (presumably) to ask the greeter a question about a product’s location. As she was walking, her friends in the store called out to her. I didn’t catch what they said. I did, however, overhear her over-the-shoulder call-back answer, “가지고… something something.”

Frankly, at this point, I’m not even sure she said anything past 가지고. But she didn’t need to, as “가지고 있다” is “to have” in Korean. Meaning that she was calling back to her friends something along the lines of “got it?, found it?,” or “you have it?” The trick here is that I knew what she was saying almost immediately after hearing it. I was in the infamous “zone” that all of us operate in with our primary language.

As for actual Anki results, the Interval graph continues to skew further to the right (오른 쪽) which means I’ll continue feeling proud of my results. New words have taken a dive though, and that’s something I’ll definitely have to come to terms with this week. Find a comfortable middleground between not scoring a 60% on the majority of my quizzes vs. constant 80%s.

This is tough because as an overachiever, I’m used to ranking high. But hiding from challenges because they’re tough isn’t exactly overachiever behavior.


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