ShenaniTims Vs. Anki: Round 8

So this week was dominated by Tuesday, where I might’ve added the most vocabulary words I’ve ever had to deal with. Last week I (thought I) went nuts on Friday (금요일) when I added ~17 new words. Now adding this many new words can be dangerous, as I traditionally practice my Anki deck either in the morning when I wake up (for review), or late at night before I go to bed. (I generally get 4-5 hours of sleep per night.) Further complicating things is the fact that I normally add the new cards in the morning, and then spend the rest of the day forgetting anything new.

Leaving me with a boatload of new cards right before bed; when I’m usually struggling to stay awake. Not the ideal environment to be learning anything, let alone words in a foreign language. That said, it’s a habit, and who am I to deny myself habits, no matter how masochistic they are?

Because we didn’t really cover anything new last Sunday, I was forced to look ahead for inspiration. So I decided to get a jump start on the next chapter’s vocabulary and dialogues. I have yet to master either, which is worrying, but then again I figure the difficulty was bound to rise at some point.

This newfound/newly created difficulty forced a change in my Answer Buttons score, with my New Card accuracy dipping 2%, while my Young and Mature cards actually gained accuracy. So once a game makes it through the New Card stage, they’re in my mind for life. A fact that continues to amaze me, as I get more adventurous initiating conversations (albiet short conversations) with random Koreans (한국명).

Forecast ReviewCount ReviewTime Added Intervals AnswerButtons CardTypes

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