ShenaniTims Vs. Anki: Round 9

It’s hard to believe I’ve been using Anki at least once a day (sometimes twice depending on whether I add new vocabulary or not) for 9 weeks. That’s over 2 months, and a lot of words to learn.

One thing I did this week that I hadn’t been doing real consistently was adding new vocabulary each day. Rather than wait a couple days for any new words to get “locked in” before pushing my luck, I’ve now decided to push my luck everyday, all the time. I think the giant data dump from last week was the catalyst here. If getting 20-25 new words each day for two days didn’t completely destroy my accuracy rating, then I’m willing to bet 7 new words a day won’t either.

I’ve been using vocabulary taken from Fluent Forever’s The Most Awesome Word List You Have Ever Seen. While I’m not too big a fan of the book’s “become fluent in x amount of days” infomercial type advertising, the ideas behind the technics explained in the book Fluent Forever do make sense to me.

As mentioned above, there are usually 6-7 words per day, all joined thematically (to help with memorization) while also being different enough that you won’t get confuse any for the other. Sadly, as is plainly obvious, I failed to add anything new on Saturday, as I was on vacation in Seoul and quite far away from my computer.

To make up for it I wrote a giant collection of sentences. I’ll cover the whole ordeal in length later, but for now all you need to know is that while I’m hell-bent on learning new vocabulary, I’m also steadily losing the ability to spell the words I already know. Hopefully as I start carving more and more time out of my day for focused Korean practice, I’ll also be able to make a little room for consistent spelling practice.


Is ShenaniTims full of shit? Tell him now!

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