Korea’s Recovery/Independence Day (2016)


This year for Korea’s Recovery Day (also known as their Independence Day), I made my first successful expedition to a Korean Beach! This beach was Chaeseokgang over in 부안 (Buan); an area I had been in before when I went to Naeso-sa. (Check it the first adventure over here.) While Naeso-sa’s a great area, I love the mountain and its temple (it’s waterfall, though much idolized by me, isn’t the greatest thing in the world), also having a beach so close to home changes things dramatically.

I’m a beach kid. My family moved to Florida to be closer to the beach. Even when we lived in New Jersey, some of my earliest memories involve me being at “the beach.” Not really a beach at all, more like a watering hole, but you get the point. My mom loved the water, and that’s a trait I’ve picked up.

Chaeseokgang’s beach isn’t FL level. If comparisons had to be made, I’d rank it around Port Charlotte’s own, oft-maligned, “beach.” There wasn’t much sand (one assumes that’s over in the famous Busan), but a lot of cool looking rocks to climb around on. (Port Charlotte’s beach is generally unloved because the water’s brown. The beach is located where the Peace River hits the Gulf of Mexico, which causes all the sediment to rise up and muck about.)

Chaeseokgang also has boat rides though, and a dam that transformed an outlying island into part of the mainland! Which, as far as fantastic stories go, turning a section of “sea” into “farmland” certainly ranks up there.

And if it isn’t immediately noticeable, I’m completely and totally in love with the new camera’s panoramic feature.



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