ShenaniTims Vs. Anki: Round 11

Two weeks into going through my Anki deck backwards, and while I don’t love the 120+ cards daily, I am loving the review aspect. While I’ve had plenty of words become suspended (which happens when you get one wrong too many times) and it usually doesn’t bother me, getting another crack at them excites me.

Granted, I could easily go into my Suspended database and reintegrate the cards again, but I’ve found with some of them that they’ll just end up being pulled again in a week or two. A revelation and dilemma that made me wonder: how could I reintegrate these troublesome words without all the accumulated frustration? (Since, even when you put an old card back in, you still know you’ve messed it up so many times in the past that it’s been pulled.)

On Saturday I think I devised an answer. Or a hypothesis which may lead to an answer. Thinking of failed cards in a different light; as cards that failed to make an impression on me, even though they followed the rest of my Anki rules (no English, only images, etc.). So what I figure I can try is to abandon the old images, and start fresh with new pictures. Try to scrub the stench of failure off the cards while leaving the meanings (and pronunciations) intact.

I hope this works, because I’d really like to eventually learn the word for “honest” without feeling like a dunce. Or prefacing it with, “Well, I almost knew that word, but my mind just won’t commit.”

In other news, I’ve apparently given up on adding new cards until I cut through the remaining 300+ new cards awaiting me. I’m still using the 20 new cards a day limit, which is making progress slow, but evenly paced. Though this tactic may be changing soon too, as I’ve noticed over the past few days that even after I complete my daily assignment of words, I’m still being left with 10 that haven’t been seen/attempted.

I suspect that Anki may limit card totals too; seemingly cutting me off at ~150/day. Which would explain why my “Forecast” graph has ~20 cards left in it despite my being done for the day. Now I could keep on as I’ve been going, just letting the cards accumulate with the knowledge that once I make it through the big “Unseen” deck I’ll have plenty of time to get everything to even out. But I’m not the patient type when it concerns schoolwork, so I might get annoyed enough by this “problem” that I’ll attempt a fix for it sometime in the future.

Is ShenaniTims full of shit? Tell him now!

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