Hogwan Unfunnies: 젤리코끼리 블루스가 이에요

Translation: The Jelly Elephant Blues.


“My neighbor has a jelly elephant.”

“Your neighbor has a jelly elephant? No, I’m not accepting that answer.”

“Yes, teacher!,” followed by a chorus of classmates crying “Yes!”

Such are the pitfalls of playing “My Neighbor’s Dog” with 9 year-olds. Now, “My Neighbor’s Dog” is a game where you start the game by drawing a dog and saying, “My neighbor’s dog is so _________” (insert adjective). Then you go around the room, with the kids filling in the adjectives they know.

Sometimes this works out great. Other times, such as on this occasion, it will start careening into a slow-motion trainwreck.

“Yes teacher!”

“Look, Tim Teacher is gonna have to say ‘No, that answer doesn’t make sense.’ And believe me, that’s a tough thing to get Tim Teacher to admit. But I’m drawing the line at ‘jelly elephant,’ even though it breaks my heart.”

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