ShenaniTims Vs. Anki: Round 12

The end is in sight! This week saw the “Learning” pile surpass the “Unknown/Unseen” pile, making for hopes that everything will soon be returning to normal. (Hopefully no more weeks of 120+ cards a day, everyday.) This impending normalcy is now starting to scare me though, since making it through 120+ cards/day usually only takes me around 40 minutes. Which means returning to a sub-100 set of cards daily will also be giving me a lot more free time in the mornings.

More time to study I guess…

Which would definitely be a good thing looking back on yesterday’s post. My frustration levels seem to be cyclical. I start taking it easy, stop studying material alone as I should, and then get slapped upside the head by reality shortly thereafter. I need to remember that I need to push myself harder than my teachers are pushing me.

All in all, I feel including the reversed cards into my deck has been a step forward. Now I’m seeing and using the cards as both concepts (picture cards) as well as written (great for when I read). I’ve seen this already, as there’s plenty of Korean words I can easily say, but once I see them my mind goes blank. “What is that?” is all I can think. Being able to understand these words (my primary concern; obviously), use these words, and spell these words is going to help immensely.

Is ShenaniTims full of shit? Tell him now!

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