ShenaniTims Vs. Anki: Round 13

Last week saw me completing something I’ve been meaning to do for a long time; finish the first chapter of the Korean book I’ve been using since I started my learn Korean (한국어 배워요) campaign. Now the reason I’m only finishing the first chapter now is because I didn’t do the first chapter in class. My teacher and I had already covered the Korean alphabet before starting the book, so we had little reason to revisit something so basic.

Unfortunately the first chapter is split into four parts, and each part has its own vocabulary section. So I was starting off on the wrong foot by not knowing words the book assumed I had already seen. I’m not mad though, since as of this week I’m once again caught up. Once and for all (I hope).

This also explained away a lot of (quality control) questions I had about the book. Each chapter ends with a question-and-answer section to test your knowledge. The first few chapters left me perplexed as the questions being asked were completely incompatible with the vocabulary the chapters provided. It would have made more sense if I had known that I was missing four chapters’ worth of vocabulary. Live and learn.

And learn I have! My Anki deck is now down to 11% “Unseen” cards, a huge improvement over just a few weeks ago. And that’s including the 2% I added this week with the aforementioned vocab.

Another interesting learning aspect I’ve seen develop is the unification of my accuracy percentages. As you can see in the graph below, nearly all my accuracy scores (Unseen, Young+Learn, and Mature) are the same (80%, 83%, and 85% respectively).


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