ShenaniTims Vs. Anki: Round 14

Good news, conveniently summed up in the following picture:


That’s right, less than one week left and all my “Unseen” cards will be gone! Just in time for the latest flood of new “new” words! Up one hill to find myself at the base of another, steeper, incline.

Not that I’m complaining though. Looking at the start of my backwards stint, I see that I had 77 “Suspended” back then. (“Suspended” cards are flashcards you’ve missed more than seven times. After that happens, the program pulls the card from the general population so that you can focus on words you’ll actually learn rather than wasting your time with cards your brain is clearly refusing to accept.) Now I’m down to just 66 “Suspended” cards. I’m not sure how the numbers worked out the way they did, or why I clearly thought adding cards that I already know are difficult to a pile of existing “to do” cards would be a good idea, but apparently the gambled paid off.

Now I’m looking forward to the overage of “Forecast” cards finally being eliminated. Normally my “Forecast” cards for a day (0d) should be 0 once I’ve completed all the cards. But do to the large number of cards I was dealing with daily, I was unable to complete them all once my “Young+Learn” cards started flooding the scene. Now things should return back to normal.


Speaking of returning to normal, this was the first week in awhile where I had a traditional class. Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving) was last week, so many students were still on vacation when Sunday rolled around, but surprisingly our teachers weren’t. I had skipped a unit ahead a couple weeks ago because I was hating Chapter 5 (Hobbies). (Another holdover of internalizing Anki’s “skip the parts you don’t want to/can’t learn.” I hated it, didn’t want to learn it, and found moving on rather than spend time/resources stuggling through it brought more gains.) So we finished both chapters off, but I had become lax about adding the new vocabulary. Thus this week’s homework of learning the remaining bits of Chapter 6 still floating around.

Also, I brought the “Hourly Breakdown” graph back just to show the further evolution of my Anki deck. My Anki schedule has formalized enough that I’m doing my daily workload around 6AM, which makes showing any time past 10AM pointless now as they’d all have nothing to report.

Is ShenaniTims full of shit? Tell him now!

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