Lotte World (Chuseok 2016)


Chuseok (Korea’s Thanksgiving) was last week. During Chuseok, most Koreans visit their families back home, which means the major metropolitan areas (re: Seoul) become ghost towns. Or as close to a “ghost town” as a city of 12 million can become. So, having an extended weekend off, I decided to head off to Seoul.

One of my stops this weekend was Korea’s version of Disney World, Lotte World. Lotte World is, of course, an offshoot of Lotte – the company that owns everything in Korea. They own department stores, supermarkets, and they make most of the products sold in said department stores and supermarkets. Hell, other major department stores (Emart, HomePlus) sell Lotte stuff. So even if you tried to boycott Lotte, you’d fail. It’s everywhere.

Lotte World is three stories tall (at least the indoors portion), with an ice-skating rink on the bottom, sky ride and a roller coaster on the top floor, and various sitting rides in the middle. (Sitting rides like Busch Gardens used to have. Ones where you sit on a moving platform (similar to how 4D movies do it now) and watch a movie.) That’s just the indoor portion.

Along with the indoor section, there’s an equally large outdoor portion. More roller coasters, a gyrodrop, kiddie rides, and the strangest Bumpers Car [sic] ride ever. (Seriously, you’d sit in a bumper car and drive around the course while not hitting any other cars. Yes, that’s right, it’s bumper cars without the bumping.) In short, it’s the usual amusement park experience, just condensed into a Korean-sized package. Imagine Disney World crammed into half the space, and you’re there.

Naturally, I loved every moment of it.

A warning though, it will be crowded. You will need to pay extra for a fast pass. (The wait for one of the roller coasters was 2.5 hours. And that’s just for one ride. On a weekend that was supposed to be slow.) You will get bumped, and you will be surrounded.

Granted, this is Korea. That’s going to happen in the aforementioned department stores anyway. This was just my first exploratory run, I’m definitely looking forward to heading back.

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