ShenaniTims Vs. Anki: Round 15

Another week, more regrets. And a new routine!

So I didn’t do nearly enough studying last week. As one can see from my “Added” pic, I started dropping the new vocabulary into my decks way too late to have a full week wrestling w… er, playing with them. It also didn’t help that so much of last week’s vocabulary is easily confused.

아까 means “a minute ago.” 이다까 means “later.” See a problem there? The words share a (Korean) suffix, 아까, which will make them easily confused as they sound the same, while having meanings that are polar opposites. One deals with the past, the other the future. Why not, if your book has 20 chapters, just drop one new time preposition in per chapter? That way they leave distinct marks in your memory, instead of just a bunch of  “words about time that end with either 아까 or 전에.” It seems like it would be slightly more efficient…

But I digress! Onto bigger and better things! And by better I mean, I still managed to make it through Sunday’s quiz, and, as you can see in my “Forecast” picture, my “Mature” card pile is slowly stacking up! To think, I was so excited when one column hit the 10 marker. Now (I believe) every day has over 10, and a few have broken the 20 mark!

One of the greatest strengths in using Anki to learn a language has to be this. Just being able to see the progress you’ve made, you’re making, and will continue to make. Daily/Weekly/Monthly progress reports keeps you focused. And hungry for more.

Speaking of which, and tying into the aforementioned new routine, at the end of last week I noted that I hadn’t studied enough, and was slipping. But where, oh where, could I jam another study session into my “crowded” day? (Crowded because I’m either a.) working, or b.) riding my bike.) Where? During my evening bike ride of course!

So everyday I usually ride two laps around Jeonju, in addition to the three I do in the morning. At the 3/4 point of the night’s exercise regimen I generally stop for a few moments to decompress. A single moment of rest in a (admittedly self-imposed) hectic day. So now I’ll be bringing my Korean textbook with me, so I can quietly sit on the bench, enjoying the cool night air, while continuing to learn a new language.


Is ShenaniTims full of shit? Tell him now!

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