ShenaniTims Vs. Anki: Round 18

The best part of having a really bad week is pulling through it. I spent the week looking for other, more stable, class options such as italki before realizing that I can make it more stable. Hell, I’m trying to rid the thought of “teachers” from my mind at this point. If I want to learn it, I will. And I will use whoever is available at any given moment to achieve this.

So this week my original new teacher was there, and he apologized for missing last week. (It turns out he completely forgot.) I told him not to worry, cracked open my book, and handed it over, telling him to quiz me on the vocabulary. And away we went!

Just like that, weeks of frustration were wiped clean. Classes are becoming more a part of the process of learning, rather than an end-all, be-all state of learning. I’ve been posting a lot more on Lang-8, and have been pretty consistent with writing 4-5 lines in Korean every other day or two.


As one can see, I’m not doing too poorly on that front either! Speaking is still difficult, since you’re putting together a sentence in your head without the aid of having it resting in front of you.

While it does appear that there’s a bunch of corrections there, I’ll point out the 2nd image clearly states that those corrections are for an entirely different occasion (speaking in the high honorific). So it’s almost as if rather than just rank it all as “perfects,” they decided to move the goalpost. Obviously I was writing in the tense I was imagining using. Otherwise I’d have used the other tense.

This chapter is all about “Would you…?/Could you…?” which is “[V]시겠어요” so I’m clearly trying, and failing, at it here. I’m finding that most of grammar’s difficulty lies in figuring out when to use certain forms. So more practice it is!

On the Anki front, things have continued moving along. I’m slooooowly gaining ground on the Prepositions of Time I spoke of earlier. I still disagree with them dropping all these like-minded and like-sounding words on a student at once (it’s bad teaching theory), but it’s the hand we were dealt so we play it.

If learning an entirely new vocabulary was easy, then I guess everyone would be doing it.


The last bit of good news is that I’m almost through the daily Forecast backlog. Caught up to day one! Honestly “righting” this won’t change anything in how I learn, or what I learn, but it’s a goal that I’m striving for. Something to look forward to instead of the lifetime of learning (i.e. loses) that I’m realistically facing.


Is ShenaniTims full of shit? Tell him now!

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