ShenaniTims Vs. Anki: Round H20

It’s truly seeming as if every other week I’ll have a (my?) dedicated teacher, which means next week’s will be a crapshoot. Which is making it tough learning the new guy and his methods; which can seem different from what I’m used to.

It’s strange, as he almost seems as fascinated by my book as I am. Reading the dialogues with him is simultaneously fun and frustrating. Fun because he’ll be reading the same line over and over as if he’s mystified. Frustrating because I can never tell if his repetition is because I’m saying it wrong, or if because he just really enjoys saying “맛있어요” (it’s delicious).

I mean, it is fun to say.

What ramps up the frustration is I’m never sure if I’ve gotten it correct. It just seems like we’ll say the same word 20,000 times and then BAM! There’s no “Excellent, you got it! Say it like that!” moment. The repetition ends as abruptly as it started.

Hey, onto the next line!

But I think the frustration works both ways. As I have a habit of trying to make sense of what I’m learning; by tying it to what I already know. So I’ll stop the dialogue to point out a connection I’ve just made. Going back to the aforementioned example, 맛있어요 is composed of two words – 맛 (taste) and the verb 있다 (to be/to exist). So something being delicious is literally something “having taste.”

On the flipside, if something is terrible, then it’s 맛없어요. As you’ve probably already guessed, 없다 means “not to exist.” So literally 맛 (taste) 없다 (doesn’t exist). Granted, I’m not rewriting the book on Korean grammar here, but making these connections help me to remember what I’m learning, and brings order to an otherwise intimidating new system of thought.

I’m sure we’ll both eventually find our way.

On the Anki count, the only piece of amazing news is one I haven’t mentioned before since it doesn’t appear to show up on these graphs. But the Review Count/Time graphs on the actual Anki device show the Mature line a lot more prominently, and my Mature rating has surpassed my Learn line. Which either means I’m remembering a lot more, or that I need to really start putting some new words into the deck.

Also, you can’t see it on these graphs either, but my Mature cards have reached 30 on some days! Which is amazing considering how, way back when, I barely had 30 words to put into the deck. Back in the “I need to learn more nouns” days.


An almost forgotten, but certainly worthy win was also won last night. Before class I was looking through a fellow student’s book, talking about what we’ve been learning. He’s working on (the dreaded) Prepositions of Place, and I told the story about when I stopped learning them; choosing instead to focus on learning verbs and nouns.

Then I started listing of all the ones I’ve learned so far, and by the end had all the book’s examples covered. Sometimes my crazy ideas work!

Is ShenaniTims full of shit? Tell him now!

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