ShenaniTims Vs. Anki: Round 21

So my theory that I’m on a bi-monthly class schedule was further validated this week, as I was with my teacher last week, and alone on a mountain this week!


(Okay, I wasn’t alone, and I tailed along with a fellow student and his teacher to try to soak up some learning while we hiked.)

Mirroring last week’s results, my Mature cards have continued to pull away from the Relearn line. Learning has gone (somewhat) towards the backburner, as I’m focusing on learning the words I already know. This also likely a result of having a semi-regular teacher onboard. I’m beginning to have things to prove again.

The Mature group also continues to amass. With one pile topping 30, and the rest sitting at around 20. (Except for that cluster at Day Seven and Eight who are under.) One reason for this, as I found out this past week, turns out to be my diabetes (당뉴).

One truth behind the disease is that, depending on how low my blood sugar gets, I’ll have trouble communicating in English. So attempting to use Korean with a low blood sugar is equally as problematic; only I don’t have 30+ years experience to guide me. So there was one day where a bunch of my Mature cards took a hit since I couldn’t recall anything – from the basic to the (more) advanced.


Is ShenaniTims full of shit? Tell him now!

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