ShenaniTims Vs. Anki: Round 22

Another week, another new teacher. It actually worked out well this time though, as we just clicked. We’re on the same wavelength. He introduced himself, asked my name, looked at my book and then asked, “Okay, what unit are you on?”


Perfect. Saw that I’m working on my own thing, and asked where he fit in. He also bemoaned how each student in this club (당아리) is using a different book (책) and gets a different teacher more often than not. Something something about like minds. He also brought a lot less personal talk, which is something I enjoy. I come to learn, we can bound and make small talk (수다덜다) when we’re at dinner. I get ~60 minutes a week with a native Korean; I don’t wish to squander any of that time.


In Anki-Land not much has changed. My Mature card accuracy has fallen from its heyday around 95% to 89%. Though this didn’t just happen this week (it’s been a steady fall), this is the first time I’ve noticed it. I’d say it’s pretty accurate though. And when you look at the pie graph you see that nearly 3/4 of my deck is now Mature cards, the drop in accuracy should come as no surprise.

Legit too, as I pull a genuine blank when some of these words come up. Absolutely no clue.


Like this card. Last time I had to bring out 흥미진진한 (excited) was back when I had been given an overly large page of vocabulary words to learn (Round 2!). It’s funny, even way back then (Round 2!!) I was angry (성난) at myself for not following through on learning new vocabulary enough. Some things never change.

Though I have been using Lang-8 a lot more consistantly now. Which is helpful in remembering many of these words, as there’s nothing more humiliating than having to look a word you want to use only to find out it’s a word you should already know. And not “should already know” in a “all Koreans use it” type of sense. “Should already know” because you literally already knew it at one point.

Though with the rate I talk about movies (영봐) on Lang-8, it’ll only be a matter of time before I find uses for 흥미진진한. All things come around in the end.

Is ShenaniTims full of shit? Tell him now!

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