ShenaniTims Vs. Anki: Round 23

Another week, another chapter. And the same teacher for two weeks in a row! It’s practically a new thing for me now. Lots of teaching, learning, mispronounciations. You know, normal classtime. Leaving me with a lot to digest this week.

I learned a new tense this week! Another one that I’ll probably never use, but I guess I should get comfortable with it in case I hear it someday. (I.e. learn it, hear it, sit puzzled for awhile as I try to remember how I know it/what it means, (possibly) remember, move on with my day.)

It’s V내요, and it’s used (as per the book) when the speaker is surprised by something. When you’re really impressed or shocked. The sound of awe made phonetic. Granted, that definition makes it sound super limited in scope and use.

Let’s be honest, no one is going to be shocked by my conversational Korean. My handwriting? Sure, been there, and have been doing that. But conversationally no one is going to be surprised by anything I say. Surprised in a good way at least…

But one advantage of one-on-one Korean teaching is learning more about the lesson. It seems that ~내요 isn’t limited to just surprising revelations. It can also be used to stress that you know something’s true. 너가 현명하네요 (You ARE smart)!

I’ll definitely be using this on Lang-8 in the weeks to come. Possibly forever!

I also learned that I can parse meaning out of reading Korean a lot better than I can hearing it in normal, conversational-speed Korean. Sometimes I think these new teachers forget that I’m still a beginner, so speaking normal speed is way too fast.


Data-wise, at the end of last week I started putting a lot of new words into Anki. A condition that should remain active throughout this week, as I have a new words from the chapter, from my teacher himself, and also lifted from work.

The kids are gearing up for their English proficiency tests, and so have been getting bigger vocabulary homework everyday, instead of just two or three times a week. This is giving me more options on what I can choose to learn, as I’m just picking and choosing what words I can see myself using. Not a foolproof tactic, but one I’ll be using for the remainder of the week.

In less fantastic news, my glorious Mature card count took a dive last week. My accuracy has been hovering around ~90% for the past two weeks, so it was only a matter of time before my lovely 30 Mature card day was relegated to a 22 Mature card day. While it stinks to lose them, it also shows the system is working. I either know them, or remember them correctly, or I don’t. At which point we come back to day one with relearning. When learning a language, the journey is just as important as the (final) destination.


Is ShenaniTims full of shit? Tell him now!

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