ShenaniTims Vs. Anki: Round 25

There was no class last night, officially no class. This is acceptable though, as none was expected. We had our class Christmas/holiday party, so it was more about celebrating and not so much about studying. Which is fine, because earlier this week I found the newest latest love of my life: my Basic (Korean) Grammar Book.

Now I’ve owned this book for awhile now, and besides occasionally cracking it open, never really dove into it. I figured I would pay more attention to it later, after I finished my current Korean book. What a fool I’ve been.

On the off-chance that I had looked into it, I mainly stuck to grammatical concepts I already knew. Using the book (and its quizzes/questions) to practice using the past tense, would/could, etc. Things I knew but might not be using enough, or just things I felt I needed more (official) practice with.

So while looking up Would/Could/Will (V겠어요/V겠습니다) I happened to look at the previous chapter: Going to. New concept = more fun! So “going to V” in Korean is: A/V(으)ㄹ 거예요. Short and super easy to use (no sliding letters like the related V겠어요/V겠습니다). So that was my big win this week.

This and the realization (while listening to Hyuna’s fantastic A’wesome EP that I can pick out maybe 4-5% of the Korean words she’s singing. Which, while it doesn’t seem like much when you write it out numerically, means a lot more in action. It’s a start, an understanding, a (baby (아기)) step in the right direction.


On the Anki front, nothing really new to report. My accuracy scores are still trending downward, which might correspond to my spending less time studying said words. I used to crack my vocab. book while waiting for the traffic lights on my morning bike ride, but as I’m holed up in recovery (bronchitis), I should be studying more. I could be studying more. But I’m not.

My old routine: class/homework/study/check-up isn’t available as a structure anymore, so I’m currently looking for a new routine that’ll handle that criteria.

Is ShenaniTims full of shit? Tell him now!

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