ShenaniTims Vs. Anki: Round 26


A good class last night. I added a bunch of new vocabulary words over the week, so I had a lot to learn prior to class. and I think I held up pretty well when talking. Granted, some of my answers to the questions were more freeform than my teacher might’ve wanted, but I think he understood what I was trying to say. And we touched on some concepts from weeks past which needed more cementing/updating. Clarification really.

I think my biggest (new) takeaway was the addition of another phonically shifting ending consonant. Apparently lots of consonants, when ending a syllable and followed by a syllable that starts with a ㄴ, take on the ㄴ sound. So 끝내다 sounds like “kout-nee-da” rather than the expected “kut-nee-da.” Or “왔네요” becomes “Wan-nea-yo” rather than “wat-nea-yo.”

Confusing? Sure.

But it does make pronounication easier. Cuts down on the strange, tongue-twisting sound combinations.


I even devised a new winter study schedule yesterday, while waiting in a toasty warm coffee shop. See, I’ve had another Korean textbook the entire time I’ve been using my main one. It’s actually the first one I bought, I just defer to my usual one because it was written/created by an American. So the author understands how I think (how I was taught to think), rather than the Korean style of learning.

But that doesn’t mean the (other) Korean book doesn’t have its uses! See, Koreans love including workbooks in with their language books. (All my students’ books come with workbooks attached.) This one is no different. While it was too intimidating for me at first, after as much work as I’ve put in, it’s now approachable.

It starts off with a bunch of Korean phrases, which, after the Phonics chapter I could read (sort of), but not understand. Now that I know what the majority of the words mean, I’m no longer flailing around hoping for the best. So I can learn some new concepts, review some old(er) concepts explained a different way, all while having work to do afterwards to test/use what I know.

Which is where the new schedule comes in. As it’s too cold to ride at night, and I’m currently recovering from bronchitis (which apparently means I shouldn’t be riding in 30 degree weather), I’ll just hit random Korean coffee shops and work there every night. It’ll be out of the apartment (keeping my wandering spirit happy), allow me to (over)hear native Korean in the wild, and learn something to boot!


Is ShenaniTims full of shit? Tell him now!

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