ShenaniTims Vs. Anki: Round 27

And then things come full circle. You’ll remember how, a few weeks ago, I felt bad because I had an extremely frustrating class. But I was conflicted, as I was angry at not (really) learning anything, but also ashamed because I felt I had also frustrated my teacher.

(Making things worse, in hindsight, is the unfortunate fact that said teacher hasn’t returned since. I really didn’t mean to scare him off.)

This week I feel as if the opposite thing happened, where I was frustrating my teacher because I came prepared (as I always do: textbook, notebooks, (plenty of) questions, etc.) and ready to learn.


One of the reasons these Koreans so graciously sacrifice their Sunday nights teaching Korean to foreigners is to practice their English. So getting stuck with me, especially when I’m in full-blown “I’m gonna learn everything thrown at me tonight” mode must be quite the letdown.

This guy doesn’t want to talk. Doesn’t want to compare weekend notes. All he wants to do is construct simple sentences and make me quiz him about this book’s vocabulary!

So another apology going out to my teacher this week after the fact. He did a great job, as I learned a lot and left the class feeling super excited about learning (in general); though I’m not sure I expressed that well enough to him personally.


My big takeaways this week being that my spelling is horrible, but my sentence construction is (apparently) on-point. Meaning that while neatly every sentence I wrote out for him had some kind of spelling mistake, usually the only issue was said spelling. Word choice and usage were usually correct.

On the Anki scene, not much new vocabulary this week, besides what’s already been reported earlier. (The new words you see in the queue today were added after class, but before I started writing this post. They’ll be completed before I fall asleep.)


Is ShenaniTims full of shit? Tell him now!

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