ShenaniTims Vs. Anki: Round 30


As the above atests to, I did it again. A ton of new vocabulary, spread out all throughout the week, with nary an end in sight.

I started moving this week, so I fear there won’t be many updates for the next couple weeks. Settling in, moving things around, cleaning the old apartment, etc. Not fun, but that’s the price you pay for a bigger place.


This week the biggest takeaway was transportation vocabulary. Some of which is useful 선찰 계단 (stairs), and some of which are essentially pointless 안전선 (safety line). Leave it to me to have learnt “safety line” before “stairs;” even though Jeonju has a lot more stairs than safety lines. (We don’t have a subway system here, making the book’s section (basically this chapter) on learning Seoul’s subway system pretty useless.

I did learn a new conjugation though – ~야 되다; which is basically “must.” Used for things you have to do. It’ll be useful once I can scrape together some free time and actually start playing with it.

The other takeaway is the sad state of my Forecast stat. It hasn’t been this overloaded since I accidentally doubled my amount of usable cards months ago. [Editor’s note: Way back in August Tim! Oh, how time flies!] But at least then I could see an end in sight. Here, the numbers just keep compounding.

Anki default settings gives you (a maximum of) 100 cards to review a day, plus (up to) 20 new words. I have 129 due for tomorrow, not counting the ~90 I have left over for today. Factor in my desire to keep force-feeding myself vocabulary, and I might need to play with the system defaults to at least let me work myself down to 0 and start fresh.

Or I can just keep sludging through, as I did last time. As the Intervals spread out, then the card numbers will become more evenly distributed. Part of this is due to how I rate my cards. New cards, unless they’re super easy (basically phonetic spellings of English words – 엘리베터 엘리베이터 (elevator), for example, then I always rate the word “Hard” for at lest the first week. This way I won’t unnaturally rank a card highly and then see it 7 days later and have no clue what it is because I’ve only seen it twice.

Is ShenaniTims full of shit? Tell him now!

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