ShenaniTims Vs. Anki: Round 31


원숭이가 자동차안에 있어요.

Translation: The monkey is in the car.

In case you couldn’t tell, this week was dominated by vocabulary. I wrote last week about my fear of overloading myself with new vocabulary; a fear that played a large role in how I learned words for a long time. Last week I threw off the shackles though, and just started adding ~20 words a day, everyday. Some days less, some days more, eventually ending up with around 190 new words in 9 days.

Not including today, which will probably tack on another 20 or so.


As you can see from the Added graph on the right, I continued adding words even tonight – the new ones from class, along with more. Cuz you can’t ever have enough new vocabulary apparently.

Another bit I’ve been doing all week is writing (one of) my teachers every day with a new Korean sentence. This isn’t new per se, as that’s what I had been using for too. The difference here, though, is that I’m then adding this sentence (or the corrected one) to my Anki deck too.

I’ve been pretty consistant with adding the Korean expressions found in my book, but that ends up being more rote memorization, as I don’t really care about those sentences. I’ll never use 99% of them. Which isn’t terrible (I mean, when am I going to need my own  expression, “The monkey tells me what to do.”?), but by using my own work, I’m forcing myself to a.) remember how I said the sentence the first time, and b.) make the needed corrections. Again and again and again. Until the corrections (and grammatical content) stick.


The last one here (저는 한 주가 새로운 어휘로 바빠요) took me forever to wrap my head around. But it has a little sprinkling of everything I’ve been practicing so far, so all the cursing at myself should eventually be worth it.

Another big change this week came in the Review Count and Time graphs. As I’ve mentioned before, I hadn’t been able to make a dent in my overflow pile.

Anki’s starting deck limit is 100 review words a day, along with 20 new words. So each day I was ending up with 50-100 untouched words, which would just end up compounding. So Thursday I decided to manually override the upper limit, and do all the cards. (Which is the huge spike in the graph.) Now I’ve been doing extra each day in the hopes that I’ll eventually spread the words out amongst the Interval graph and thus allowing me to clear out a day without any overrides.

Granted, in order to accomplish that, I’d probably also have to stop adding new vocabulary constantly. So I’m at a detente right now. I don’t want an overflow pile, but I also don’t want to give up adding new words each day. We’ll see which side (eventually) wins out.


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