ShenaniTims Vs. Anki: Round 32

Anki declared the winner?

Okay, I might be making declarations a bit too early. So as mentioned for the past two weeks, I’ve been adding a lot of new vocabulary words into my Anki decks daily. (Generally at least 20/day.) And it hasn’t bothered me much, until this morning when I felt that my grasp on the older cards might be slipping when I get caught up in the frustration of struggling with the new terms.


Then I sit back for a moment and let the rational, rather than the emotion, side of my intellect take control and rationalize it all away.

During the first round of reviews today (the normal 100 review cards and 20 new), I reviewed 193 cards in total, over a course of 36 minutes. That’s not a lot of time spent learning. In fact, while the 193 might be on the high side (I did particularly bad with New/Learning cards), time-wise it falls in line with my normal averages. So the increase in total cards reviewed can be justified for being what they are – many words which I saw once two days ago and completely forgot about in the interim. Which is how things should play out.

You’ll remember some, forget many others. You review those, and some (more) of those will stick. On and on it goes until they’re either permenantly lodged in your brain or marked as Leeches and jettisoned. (Or I go a whole month of adding a ton of cards daily; that’s my new short-term goal. Reach that and then look back on any possible damage done.)

Speaking of leeches, I lost a cards this week to that category, but this week also distinguished itself as being the week where I went through the 70-80 leech cards and put them back in circulation. Which is why my review counts have been so high over the past few days. I dumped a motherlode of old cards into the deck in the hopes that time heal(ed) all wounds.

It doesn’t appear to have done so.

I’d like to blame this infusion of old troublemakers to be the reason my accuracy was so piss poor today (70%).

Not much to report on the class front, as its the Lunar New Year over here in Korea, so many of the teachers were on vacation. I had another (higher level) student with me, so our teacher spent a lot of time talking and then seeing what I could pick out. Which means not a lot to show for it as far as notes go, but a lot to show in listening comprehension. Hell, the head guy said he’s think I’m making good progress.

And that’s all I need to hear!

Is ShenaniTims full of shit? Tell him now!

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