ShenaniTims Vs. Anki: Round 37

“It’s working, it’s working!,” shouted in my best Dr. Frankenstein voice.

Last week my daily Forecast overflow was just under 100. This week? Sitting pretty at 80. If I can keep this up, I’ll be back at 0 by this time next year! Maybe not the greatest timeline, but moving forward 0.0001 mm is still 0.0001 mm closer to your goal. Or at least that’s how I’m selling it to me.

One note for me, and it might be helpful to any Anki fans/users out there, is that over the past couple days I’ve noticed that I’ll better if I allow myself to wake up before starting the questions. Typing it makes it sound more like a “no shit Sherlock” moment rather than anything actually helpful, but, me being me, I failed to recognize that until just now. Give your brain a chance to start running before throwing it in the dead end.


Class was set up perfectly today, in that I wrote a ton in Hanok Village in the afternoon while “prepping.” Sentences about my love for peanuts, grandmothers with purple hair, and my own inability to write Korean perfectly.

Don’t be put off by all the red though, as my teacher did note that the text above would be understandable to any Korean. It just wouldn’t be “correct/fluent.” Like when we’d meet a foreigner at home who can speak English; only broken English. So I can parse together broken Korean sentences.


NOTE: This does not include “It is very frustrating” since I used “흔들다” (to shake), rather than the correct “힘들다” (to be difficult/to frustrate). For non-Korean speakers, the first is said “hin-dill-da” while the second is “him-dill-da.” So you can see how I’d get confused


This week I practiced with a new form of “will” (V을 것 이다), saying as much in Lines 8 + 9. Learning that when using this form, “것” drops the “ㅅ” (becoming 거) if you conjugate 이다 at the end. (I.e. If you use the polite form.) Armed with that knowledge I was off to the races; writing sentences monkey-centric sentences!


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