ShenaniTims Vs. Anki: Round 38

Time for some real talk: I’ve cheated. I went to two Korean classes last weekend, instead of just one. That’s twice the learning!  I’ve never felt so dirty.

So last week, when camped out at Hanok Village completing my weekly routine of writing sentences as best I can to later be graded, a (large) group of foreigners past me by. I didn’t pay them any mind, because as a general rule I avoid foreigners I don’t already know. As well as most of the foreigners that I do know. 

Now I’ve run into the woman who talked to me before; often at the bus station trying to get people to come to her church. As such, I’ve never paid her any mind. Until this week. As soon as she said church, I waved her off, “I’m not interested.” But then she hit me with the magic words: “We have a Korean class of Saturday, no church.” After hearing that, I figure it would be prudent to go.

And I wasn’t wrong. I’ve been mentioning here how my Korean skills are improving steadily; vastly superior now to what they were 9 months ago. My teacher was ecstatic with my ability to not only construct sentences in Korean, but also speak it. (Granted, one caveat here is that there’s a definite lessening of ability there. While I have little issue with using conjunctions in Korean, the sentence length combined with Korean’s backwardness makes it really tough to say those sentences without first writing them down. (For example: “I’m tired because I walked too much” becomes “Because I walked too much, I’m tired” in Korean.)

일요일에 팀이 교회에 갈 거 예요. (Tim will go to church on Sunday.)

What’s causing me to feel so guilty is that not a week ago, my other Korean teacher was wondering when I’d go to church. He’s a pastor, so While I did end up going to church, it just wasn’t his church. Which is probably for the best considering how uncomfortable I was. Surrounded by believers, I was mortified someone would ask me a question that would cause me to be honest

That and they kept asking when I’d come to actual Mass on Sunday. The lady teaching me knew/knows I wouldn’t, but everyone else thinks I’m as much a believer as I can reasonably pass as. So I figure I’ll go until the expectation becomes too great, and I start feeling bad. Or I’ll try the excuse told to me by a friend, which is that “I’m Catholic.” At which point they’ll all stare and take a step back.
Of note with Sunday’s Korean class is my teacher telling me that due to my penchant for writing with monkeys and other animals cast as the main characters, he feels I’m poetic. I had to inform him that “the bored monkey opened the door and the lion escaped” was nowhere near poetic. Just me trying to keep using new vocabulary so that I don’t forget it.


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