ShenaniTims Vs. Anki: Round 39

Another week, another set of Korean classes. Saturday’s class was good and bad, in that the first half (with the same teacher from last week) was fantastic, and the second half was more deconstructing instruction.

Now as previously mentioned, you can see that I was writing in Korean rather ably before the teacher switch occurred. In fact, if you look, one crossed out section, you’ll see I was using the past tense. Which is why I then started scratching my head when the new teacher suddenly wanted to start talking about the differences between present and past tense.

What followed next was just as perplexing, as here he started saying lines in English and then translating them himself. After a lengthy section about how he “want[s] to meet [me] and [my] mother,” he then started teaching subjects. As in, what is a subject? Again, something I learned nearly one year ago at this point.

Here we have a breakdown of the family (아버지 (father), 어머니 (mother), 오빠 (older brother), 누나 (older sister), 남동생 (younger brother), 여동생 (younger sister). As you might’ve guessed, I typed those from memory having known them awhile. Then things get weird, as he started explaining the Chinese origins to 자전거 (bicycle). I explained the etymology of English’s “bicycle” cuz this class was well off the rails at this point. Sunday’s teacher was like, “Why didn’t you redirect him here?” All I can say is this guy was just too far gone for that.

Perhaps most frustrating for me was the writing. Compare his giant scrawl versus mine. It frustrated me so much that I ended up going back and writing in the abundant dead space to make some use of it. Lemonade out of lemons as it was.

After class I went (back) to the movies and wrote while waiting for the movie to start. As you can see from the cross-outs and red marks, I was about 80% on point. I learned that while woman IS “그녀,” man is certainly NOT “그년.” (It’s apparently a bad word directed at women.) This despite 소녀  being “girl,” and 소년 being “boy.”

My last writing’s corrections are more labor intensive, though also more complicated. So I’m not disappointed, or even shocked really. I was reaching there, as I had already written enough “safe” things. It was time to stretch and experiment.


As far as Anki goes, I started spending a lot of time with new vocabulary this week. I’m trying not to become as hung up in following arbitrary, self-imposed rules though. A couple new words whenever I run into them seems to be a good general rule of thumb. Allowing me to learn without becoming overloaded.

Is ShenaniTims full of shit? Tell him now!

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