ShenaniTims Vs. Anki: Round 40

하나 년 (a year)! I’ve been studying Korean for one full year this week! (이번주 저는 1년동안 한국어를 공부합니다!)


A whole year, roughly 51 weeks (there was no class the week of Christmas because no one was in country). To celebrate, I brought everyone some 달기 (strawberries) and went right back to work. Cuz, you know, there’s learning to do.

This week’s lesson, like most recent lessons, focused on using what I’ve already learned; fine-tuning those pesky semtences. And generally failing at it. I felt bad, cuz I feel that my teacher was bored of correcting my (seemingly) endless amount of grammatical mistakes, but, dammit, that’s what I want to learn! (Actually, it seems like it was a frustrating class for everyone. Since one of my more language proficient friends was also struggling composing the same sorts of sentences I was getting tripped up on.)

The big takeaway here was that when a sentence utilizes two verbs (The man went to the store to buy some apples), you start with your subject (of course), but the final verb should be the one closest to said subject (here: went). So the above (and I’m guessing here) would be “남자가 가게에 사과를향해 사고 갔어요.” Literally, in English, “Man store to apples to buy went.” This takes a pretty big weight off my shoulders, as one question I’d always run into was “Crap, I have two verbs. Which one is the most important, i.e. which one ends the sentence?” My teacher’s frustration aside, I did learn something (something important even!), even if you really couldn’t tell because everything we reviewed was written before I had learned said lesson.

My homework(!!!) is to start reading more Korean books. I explained that I occasionally try to, but it’s difficult because of the vocabulary gap, even with basic books. Vocabulary gap and grammar gap. I’ll be going along fine, but eventually run into too many things I don’t know. Then I’ll have spent 10+ minutes translating a single page that a 5 year-old Korean could’ve stormed through. Which is frustrating to say the least. But I guess I really should start sticking it through, as no one said this would be easy. And if it was, then it probably wouldn’t be as rewarding. My teacher suggested Korean kid cartoons, as they’ll move so that I’ll be able to figure some words out through context while still seeing how the sentences are constructed.


As for as Anki goes, continued daily quizes, with some new words slowly being added. While I don’t want to flood myself with new content (at 20 words a day I feel I don’t focus enough on the new stuff), I’m considering changing Anki’s set-up so that the new word maximum is 10. This will stagger the new vocabulary, while giving my brain sufficient time to use what it has already learned.

Is ShenaniTims full of shit? Tell him now!

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