ShenaniTims Vs. Anki: Round 41

Perhaps my best weekend yet, or at least in recent memory. Saturday’s lesson centered around getting me reacquainted with the basics. Not in a “shatter your ego, we’re going back to learning the alphabet” basics, but in a ” You write so much better when you stick to simple sentences. Let’s focus on your strengths, and advance naturally from there.

In short, my teacher would dictate what type of sentence we’d focus on (want to, I like/I don’t like) and I’d fill in the blanks. All while attempting to keep it as simple as possible.

A tactic that worked extremely well. Not only was I honing my skills using Korean, but my teacher also had me say my answers before I wrote them down. Difficult? Yes, extremely so at points. But also very much needed if I ever want to improve my Listening skills.

Working like this not only gave a much needed boost to my ego (especially after last week), but also gave me a great excuse to dig deep and try to use those old vocabulary words that can be so easy to forget. (I’m looking at you 요리 (duck) and 독일 (Germany)). So it was good on two, different levels, and it also shored up my skills for Sunday’s class.

First things first, my teacher seemed to be in a much better mood. Though that might’ve been because when he opened my writing notebook he saw a page of Korean that was already picked through. “You wrote this?,” he asked, genuinely bewildered. I then explained how I had had to generate the answers in my head, then write them out.

This language-edition of Occam’s Razor has seemingly helped revitalize my class. Once, by showing my teacher that if we set the bar low enough, I can start making (semi-) coherent sentences. Then again by reminding myself that yes, these sentences are within my grasp.

We also worked a lot on making verbs into nouns; which is done but conjugating with a -기 and then treating it as an object.



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