ShenaniTims vs. Anki: Round 41

I decided to do something completely different this week. Usually I spend my Sundays at Hanok Village trying to write comprehensible sentences in Korean. With varying degrees of success; some weeks I do great, some… not so much. Regardless, each week I try my hardest no matter what. 

Enter this week. There was no Saturday class (we took a field trip to Gunsan and Semangeum (새만금)), so I didn’t have any tangents to expand upon and/or practice. And given the storm clouds I saw upon arriving at Hanok Village, climbing a mountain to write, only to have to run back down it minutes later wasn’t high on my list. So no (new) writing. Until the ride home.

Now normally during my rides home I’ll get a burst of inspiration. Often simpler sentences (as I’m creating them in my head as I ride, I can only focus on the things I really know. So this week, instead of writing these sentences down while waiting at traffic lights, I instead just wrote down their English equivalents. With a note expressly telling me not to write them. No writing, at least, until I had spoken them to my teacher. This way the sentences are still getting corrected, I’m still writing them down (after the fact), only now I’ve managed to shoehorn some speaking practice in as well.

Perhaps my smartest study move lately, if not ever.

The biggest Anki news is my Mature card counts. Remember how excited I was back when one or two days a week had 20-25 Mature cards? Well now things have come full circle, with only a handful of games per month having less than 20-25 per day. Words can’t describe how excited I am over this, even if it’s completely inexplicable. Hell, I don’t even know why I’m so jazzed about it. I just am. Perhaps it’s related to the fact that my Mature cards correct percentage is usually where I’m most successful.



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