ShenaniTims Vs. Anki: Round 46

First, an apology: 지난 토요일에 서울에 가서 그래서 저는 토요일의 수업을 못갔어요.

Translation: I went to Seoul on Saturday, so I missed Saturday’s class.

While that meant less practice with Korean, it also meant I missed having to sit with the teacher from two weeks ago again. And after that so-called “class,” I’ll take any kind of win I can get.

In a fantastic act of solidarity, this week my teacher was also absent from my Sunday class! Meaning new teacher, blahblahblah. Only this time it was different. Because this time, rather than suffer through the class and figure out how I’d modify it for next week, here I took control from the start.

Preclass Work

A snapshot of my pre-class work.

Of course, by “take control,” I mean dictate that the work pattern I follow with my usual teacher would be continued today. After Saturday’s adventure, I had written plenty about the weekend’s adventures (or lack thereof), and I managed to successfully say most of it. Causing my teacher for the week (actually the man running the whole shebang) to note that I know most of Korea’s language patterns; now it’s time to get to the vocabulary.

On a side note, it’s not like I haven’t been consistantly adding vocabulary. I’m guessing though that the words I’m interested in learning are quite different from the words most books want to teach you. I mean, do you really need to know “to taste” and “to smell” when there’s more amusing words like “elegant” and “pleasing to the eye?” This is me we’re talking about!


Book Report Time! With Round One: Speaking over, we quickly moved onto a newly created Round Two: Reading. A few weeks ago I hit up the local Goodwill (Yes, Korea has Goodwills) to pick up some cheap children’s books. They’re great because the books are generally the same price as in the US (around 50 cents), making it a great resource to try to test your reading skill/comprehension.


And, once again, I didn’t do that bad! My translations were pretty much spot on throughout the book. And I picked up two new conjugations: ~V할래 and ~V(있)더니. Now ~V할래 is probably the most useful, as it allows for the creation of easy “Would you…V?” sentences. 갈래? (Would you go?), 먹을래? (Would you eat?), etc. Short, simple to use, and direct – the type of conjugations these books should be teaching right off the bat.

The second conjugation, ~V(있)더니, is a bit more complicated. It essentially explains the preceding the sentence as “Since V…” or “Because of V…” While I can’t think of any uses for it right off the top of my head, I’m sure I’ll eventually find a way to run it into the ground too.


Granted, me being me, I couldn’t take the needs to expand his vocabulary note without then fixating on it. You won’t be able to see the effects above, since I took that screenshot on Sunday, before class. But come next week, and you’ll definitely the ranks startin to swell with new vocabulary


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