ShenaniTims Vs. Anki: Round 47

내가 그것을 했어요!

Translation: I did it!
Last January I gave myself a goal – go the entire month adding 20 words to my Anki deck everyday. I almost succeeded before burning out and deciding that learning 5-10 words per day was a more realistic goal. In true ShenaniTims fashion, I fell off that wagon this week.

My goal started out so simple. I had accumulated a sizable pile of Korean words at work, and had never turned them into flashcards. At first I started small, 4-5 words per day. Maybe a Post-It’s worth; work my way down slowly. By Friday though, I had just said “screw it” and went berzerk.

(Side note: last week at class my teacher noted that he really thinks I should be using his preferred textbook, which I then bought. Also, his -recommendation- was for me to improve my vocabulary. Hence the fire under my butt to get things done sooner rather than later.)

Granted, I’m not sure how much I truly believe that the slow drip method is best. While it makes the daily quizes easier, I’m not convinced that it helps me with the long-term retention of the words. I’m thinking there’s some words you’ll learn easily, some that’ll need to marinate, and some that won’t ever gel. So taking the hit early on and just diving in might be the best way to go sometimes.

And I think that conditional, sometimes, is key here. Ram in as many words as you can before you start to lose your motivation, and then slow down. Right now I’m straddling the line since I loathe being frustrated during the quizzes, but I love seeing how quickly my vocabulary is growing.

(As I prep this post (on 수요일 (Wednesday), I’ve already added upwards of 170 words.  And I’m still not burnt out by it.)


Moving right along with my plan to speak only in Korean in Korean class, these are the only major notes I took Sunday. With these being sentences I said (err… attempted) first in Korean, then wrote their (corrected) versions down. So that I could pilfer and add the (unknown) vocabulary to my Anki deck later.

Also of note is that when I’m writing these notes, I’m (usually) guessing the spelling as my teacher says the words. Picking out the sound differences between 오 and 어 is infuriatingly difficult, but it’s just another wall for me to smash my head against until I knock a hole through it.



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