ShenaniTims Vs. Anki: Round 48

Almost a full year of doing these progress reports. While I’ve never failed in taking the (daily) quizzes, my enthusiasm here certainly has. Especially when I have a week like last week, which could simply be described as “full of new vocabulary.”

Nearly 20 new words a day, which saw me burning out midweek. I kept with it though, and some of the new words easily pop into my head when I’m riding my bike and formulating sentences.  Others, unfortunately, still elude me. “To Cause/To Stir-Up,” a/k/a 일으키다, will bow before me eventually!
As far as classes go, I missed Safurday’s class in a failed attempt to make a film for the “Make It Great In 48” film competition. I did, however, almost get picked up by US military security trying to film a project for said contest; so that’s something I guess.

My Sunday class went alright too. Same drill as previous weeks: write a ton of sentences about my week in English, and then do my best to say them. And I was generally happy with my performance this week. The sentences I missed were ones that I knew I was going to miss firsthand. But I still had to try: a.) to see if I was right, and b.) to actually find out how to say whatever I wanted correctly.


And as with weeks past, my hit ratio wasn’t too bad this week either. The sentences written above are the ones that were major corrections to what I had been trying to say. And two of those sentences are variations on the proper way, making my hit ratio even better. Not bad for only studying for a little over a year!


Oi. So I talked about loading a ton of new vocabulary into Anki last week, and so I started paying the piper this week. My deck is now frontloaded with a bunch of words I’m struggling with; making me think that adding 150+ in 7 days time might be a little too much to handle.

Sadly, the addiction still remains though. Despite realizing this, and having just typed it, and knowing that it’s real, I’m still tempted to make new flashcards for the vocabulary words I picked up at work today and yesterday.

Is ShenaniTims full of shit? Tell him now!

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