ShenaniTims Vs. Anki: Round 50


I thought this week would be my last.

Not my last studying Korean, but rather my last Saturday study session at the church.

So each week I’ve been going to a church on Saturday for more one-on-one Korean study time. And, according to everyone I’ve talked to, it’s been working wonders. One thing I haven’t done, though, is actually go to the church on Sundays. I do this because, if you’ve read my other posts_ I’m sure you’ll recognize_, I’m clearly not a believer. But that doesn’t deter this Korean congregation. Blame it on my politeness maybe, and factor in a healthy dose of the language barrier surrounding our interactions. (By my count, only two or three church goers actually know I don’t believe. Know as in I’ve told them as much.)

So this week started with the normal amount of shock and delight that I showed up. Then the director beckoned me over for two important tasks. The first was for me to sign the log-in sheet, and the other for an important conversation. One of grave importance, she implied. At which point, I became scared. Did they figure out tha I’ve been coming for months, but have never attended actual church? Am I going to be called out? Forced to either stop coming, or show up tomorrow? These were all the thoughts flooding my mind for those brief seconds. Thoughts thought before she reached over and handed me this:


A jar of melon seeds. One parishioner (whom I’ve never meet, by the way) has heard about me and my diabetes (or 당뇨 as it’s called over here), and being a retired nurse, decided to help. Nevermind that I’ve never seen her, or that she’s never seen me. She came in especially one afternoon to drop this off. For soneone she’s only heard stories about. I guess, given the context of church, this much isn’t that unbelievable. It still amazes the hell out of me though.

Unfortunately, the class itself, and the class on Sunday, were like beating my head against the wall. I was just off. Constantly. The things I knew I wasn’t able to say correctly, and the things I thought I knew… I quickly found out I didn’t. Normally my daily Anki quiz scores hover around 85% to 90%. Last week I had a day or two where I was batting in the 60s. Not bad for a baseball average, but horrible when you know you can do better. (Not to mention the fact that you usually have been.)

At dinner I was heartened to hear the theory (one that seems to hold up with my own experiences) that having a crap week of learning is usually a harbinger for an advance. Beat your head against a wall long enough, and something’s bound to make it through, I guess. Here’s to hoping for greener pastures.


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