ShenaniTims Vs. Anki: Round 51

Field trip week for my Saturday class. A sad field trip, as this was also the Ugandan students’ last week. So we went to my favorite spot in Jeonju, _Moak-san_, and had a farewell party. A farewell party if your definition of “party” involves introducing yourself to all the Korean teachers even though everyone there clearly knows my name.


I did manage to do a lot better of a job this time around though. The first time (_on the bus trip to [name]_), I couldn’t say anything correctly. Stumbled my way through some of the basic introduction I had learned during my first week of class, after blanking for way too long. This time I rattled off what I could comfortably say off the top of my head, and called it quits. Deftly pulling the George Costanza “Leave while you’re still on top” trick in a country where no one would recognize it.

And apparently it worked, as the lady sitting next to me at dinner wanted to know why I hadn’t taken the TOPIK (Korean proficiency test) exam yet. Excuse me, lady, but have you heard me talk? I think a lot of Koreans get impressed by the fact that I use the proper words to say things, and assume my ability is greater than it is. I use the proper words because I love learning new vocabulary. My ability to use said vocabulary, however, is much less developed.

But I keep trying.

This week’s Sunday class was caught between superability ShenaniTims and “oh my God, what am I even attempting to do?” ShenaniTims. While my intentions were good, my opening salvo of lines was too much for my Korean to handle. Though I believe most (if not all) of the things I said were understandable by my (long-suffering) Korean teacher. There are just better ways for the Koreans to express the same sentiments. Which is what learning language is all about really.


Anki stats from mid-week because I accidentally trashed Sunday’s proper scores.

Is ShenaniTims full of shit? Tell him now!

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