ShenaniTims Vs. Anki: Round 54

I’m rarely at a loss for words. Even yesterday, while at class enduring a way too high (for some reason) blood sugar, I still had plenty of words. Words I shouldn’t have been using, sure, but words upon words nonetheless.
“I just don’t understand this book. This chapter is stupid. Who says things like that? Do Koreans actually say, in casual conversation, ‘Well, since I’m older than you, you must call me ‘Big Brother?’ I’m guessing that’d be rude in any culture. And the girl [the character] is talking to is Korean! She’d already know the cultural norm and start using it. They should’ve done that, naturally, and used an asterix to explain the change in title in the footnotes.”

End rant, open bag, pull out glucometer, and check my blood sugar. Quickly followed by pull out my insulin and get myself back into learning, not combat, mode. It’s times like these where I can’t help but wonder how much better my Korean would be if my ability to speak/understand it wasn’t completely at the mercy of something I can only sort of control.

After that, class truely started and things went well. Then teacher dropped the bombshell on me.

Now my teacher knew I was heading back to the States next week for Summer Vacation. Which kind of stinks, because after vacation was booked, I found out that next Saturday my class is going on a 12-hour island trip (for summer vacation). In a perfect world, I would’ve known about said trip ahead of time so that I could’ve asked to have my job’s vacation held back a week (NOTE: my boss had asked me which of the two weeks I preferred. Since I had nothing doing on either, it really didn’t matter.).

But oh well. The $100 though? I don’t know where that came from. All I could muster was, “No, no, no, no! 네가 너무 친절하내요!” (“You’re too kind;” which is what I was trying to say. Except I learned 친절한 a long time ago, so I couldn’t figure it out. Also, this is Korean, so it translates to: “How kind of you!” anyway.)

After that (attempt), I had no words to say. I was instead left in a state of quiet contemplation where I tried to fight off the approaching dread. See, throughout this past month I’ve been worrying about this trip. But that “the trip” itself is bothering me, but what presents to buy my neices and nephews. So many kids versus so little luggage space.

Now I have the added problem of trying to figure out what to buy my teacher when I’m in the States! Things are supposed to get easier once I land, the stress is supposed to disappear; not ramp up!



As far as words go, not too big of a change. Less new words added (besides the (expected) massive word dumps on Tuesday and Thursday (dealing with illnesses and fashion respectively)), as I’ve started to feel a little burn out even with the lessened workload. But that might be a holdover from often attempting my daily quizes with a jacked-up blood sugar. (For the record, NOT A GOOD IDEA!)

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