ShenaniTims Vs. Anki: Round 55 (The Data-Less Edition!)

I've been on vacation since Saturday. I flew out of Incheon airport, and back to the States, around 4 PM. As such, I have no new data to add this week. (At least until I make it home and get to my computer.) No classes on Saturday or Sunday will make this a very lite write up indeed.

Having no classes on the weekend left me at the mercy of my two vocabulary-centric classes this week. Not a bad thing, until you realize that my Thursday class left just Thursday night and Friday to add any vocabulary learned there to my decks. Which was a tall order since I take copious notes, and I needed to finish packing.

Tuesday's class focused on the remainder of the animal chapters in my book. Bugs, wild animals, etc. Thursday focused on hobbies, another thing you'll get asked about a lot when you're a foreigner. As I already know how to say the things I like doing in verb form, Thursday's class was useful as it allowed me to learn the same concepts, but in noun form. Sometimes it's the little things.

Traveling to the US remains as hard as it ever was, since I'm so used to answering people with 감사 합니다 is how I'm now conditioned to talk. At this point, what else would I say? This problem remains the one lifeline connecting me to how things were, as my studying routines also degenerated. There are just too many other things occupying my mind right now which prevent me from being able to focus. Finishing other (dangling plans), buying the remaining things I wanted to buy, etc. All taking up valuable mental space.

While I love my family and friends, and will miss them, I also miss the simplicity of living abroad. Find new word, learn new word, play with new word, (hopefully) internalize new word. This is now how I view life.

Also, maintaining a perfect Anki score while not abroad is extremely tough. I was hoping that Anki's internal clock would correct itself once I got off the plane and my iPad's clock adjusted. Alas, no such luck. So now the day's new deck seems to drop at the weirdest times, throwing my already off-balance rhythm further off-balance.

The saving grace being in 24 hours I'll be in San Francisco starting the final part of mr return trip. Normalcy never looked so appealing.

Is ShenaniTims full of shit? Tell him now!

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