ShenaniTims Vs. Anki: Round 56

Similar to last week, I spent almost all my time in the States. So no speaking Korean (unless I made a mistake and told an innocent 7-11 clerk “감사 합니다!” instead of the customary “thank you!” And even fewer words were added to my collection because… America.

One fun tidbit I did do before I left though, was buy a list of commonly used Spanish words. So after weeks upon weeks of contemplation, I decided to bite the bullet and start studying Spanish again too. Because why learn one foreign language when you can learn two?

One of which may actually be useful in the future!


One “fun” aspect of Korean which I believe I’ve touched on before is that of respect. Korean has various tenses and forms to show respect to people. As an American, respect isn’t something that is shown too often. Which leads to lots of fun, such as this example between myself and my (Saturday) teacher!


So teacher asked me how my vacation went. And she sent me some pictures of her and her daughter’s vacation (they’re in Belgium). The photo she sent though, showed her and another woman. So I thought I’d flex my Korean by asking, “네의 딸이 입니까?” (“Is that your daughter?”), when what I should’ve asked was, “선생님의 딸입니까?” (“Is that your daughter, teacher?”).

All part of the learning process, I guess.

Even today, in Tuesday vocabulary class, I learned a bit more about respect levels. Weeks ago, when I was learning various illnesses, my teacher thought it was strange that I wanted to learn “dementia” (치매). But I had a reason, and that lesson payed off last week when I saw my grandmother.

Thanks to my expanded vocabulary, I was able to say, “할머니가 치매를 없었으면 좋겠어요” (“I wish my grandmother didn’t have dementia”). It turns out I should’ve said “할머니께서” rather than “할머니가.” One uses the “~가/이” ending for people you’re close to. You use “~께서” to show (more) respect; such as when you’re talking about your grandmother. I’ve been told this subject ending before, but I’ve never wrote it before. Now that I have it immortalized in ink, hopefully this will lead to me being able to learn it and thus use it.

Is ShenaniTims full of shit? Tell him now!

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