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목요일에 삼원에 갔어요

Posted in Hogwan Hijinks!, Tales From the Hogwan with tags , , , , , , on May 6, 2017 by shenanitim


Translation: On Wednesday I went to Samwon.

Long story short, I’ve heard a lot of good things about Suncheon. It has a fantastic looking bay that I’ve been dying to explore. So, given that I had a five day weekend thanks to Buddha’s Birthday on Wednesday, and Children’s Day on Friday (and Thursday being off for being a “sandwich day”), I decided now was the time.

Unfortunately, I’m me, and I’ve never gotten along with buses.

So I bought a ticket to Suncheon. I got on the bus with the Suncheon sign in the window. And the bus dropped me off in Samwon. I’m still not sure how that happened. Or why bus drivers don’t at least check the tickets of foreign travellers before they leave the station. (No joke, in Korea, unless you’re going someplace where the seats are all spoken for, they’ll take your ticket after you arrive. Arrive wherever.)

So I’m in Samwon and feeling pretty stupid. Then I run into a friend I know from Korean class (she teaches in Samwon), who was like, “Oh, are you here for the festival?”

“Ehhh… of… course! Yes, yes, I came here for the festival. What’s the festival again? Where is it?”

Luckily it was right down the street by the river. “Just follow the people and the sounds.” The sounds of three middle-aged Korean men dressed up as ninja women singing to geriatric Korean women. (Apparently Buddha has a strange list of presents he wants.)