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나의 학생은 나에게 죽인 노력해요?

Posted in Hogwan Hijinks!, Tales From the Hogwan with tags , , , on October 11, 2017 by shenanitim

Translation: Is my student trying to kill me?

I have a student who becomes extremely angry when he doesn’t ace a test. It doesn’t matter if he still manages to pass the exam, one small mistake sends him into a spiral of despair. A spiral that involves lots of frustrated drawing. (Noting from personal experience, this tends to be the best kind of drawing.)

Today’s artwork caught my eye though, as it included a character I’m familiar with: Assassination Classroom’s Koro-Sensei. It’s a manga about a monster who eats the moon, and threatens to consume the Earth in a year’s time. Humanity’s only hope are his students, as one of his conditions for waiting a year was that he be allowed to teach a high school class. And only his students are allowed to try to kill him. (He regenerates, moves super fast, can morph new arms, etc.) So that’s the story, now here’s the artwork; judge for yourself:




(Images taken from the Korean version, obviously.)

So again, seriously, is my student trying to kill me? Or at least dreaming about it?