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마이산에 돌아가고 있어요

Posted in Hogwan Hijinks!, Tales From the Hogwan with tags , , , , , , , on April 23, 2017 by shenanitim

Translation: Returning to Maisan.

So just under a year ago (last summer to be exact), I went to 진안, and more specifically, 마이산, on a field trip with my Korean class. While it was fun to see everything with a number of Korean teachers at my side, ready to explaim anything and everything to me; one sticking point was we didn’t have enough time to climb the actual mountain.

So last week I went back to experience the famed “horse ear peak(s)” for myself! (“Peak” because the 2nd mountain is too landslide inclined to allow mountain climbers. Like any pair – there’s always a good cop and a bad cop.) Here are the results!