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일본에 오락실들 이에요

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Translation: Arcades in Japan.

The vast majority of my vacation in Japan was spent in arcades. They’re open until 2 or 3 AM and are fantastic. Filled to the brim with games that you’d only watch Youtube videos about.

And crane games. Tons of crane games. Now crane games are big here in Korea too. Maybe more popular here than in Japan, since in Japan the first floor (and maybe the second in the case of Taito Station) would be dedicated to crane games, and the subsequent floors would have actual videogames. Here in Korea, the vast majority of arcades (오락실) are just crane games.

(Don’t ask me about the slimes from Dragon Warrior either. They’re everywhere too. I don’t know what Japan’s national creature is, but if I had to guess, I’d shoot for “slime.”)

Nintendo has a strong presence too. (For completely obvious reasons.) I didn’t know there was an arcade machine for Luigi’s Mansion, but I’m glad there is. Especially with the life-sized ghost vacuums. (Fun fact: Luigi’s Mansion is the last Mario game I’ve played to completion.) Above that we have every 80s kid’s wet dream: a racing game joint-produced by Nintendo and SEGA using (advanced) Power Pad technology. It might’ve taken 30 years, but finally there’s a game that not complete crap for it!

Speaking of Nintendo, tons and tons of Pokemon. Since I’ve already outed myself as ignoring Nintendo after Luigi’s Mansion, I have no knowledge of Pokemon besides the obvious pop culture connections. I mean, I guess if Dragon Warrior is still running strong in Japan, then there’s no reason Pokemon (a younger franchise) wouldn’t also still be running strong.




도쿄에 초밥을 먹었어요

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Translation: I ate sushi in Tokyo.

One thing that was a must during my Winter Vacation in Tokyo was sushi. I mean, alongside ramen, sushi is Japan in America. Given my history of doing no research prior to any vacation, I naturally didn’t search out any amazing Tokyo sushi restaurants. Hell, sushi was on the bottom of the list of things to do, not being mentioned until our last day.

Then, when wandering around some town within sight of Mt. Fuki, we stumbled across the place.


Now Uobei is a chain restaurant in Tokyo that specializes in sushi. So I have no clue whether they’re the Japanese equivalent to McDonald’s or not. But then again, I’m about as far from a foodie as you can get, so it really didn’t matter. I mean, what’s could be a more authentic sushi experience than a chain restaurant? If you want to experience how the majority of America lives, you would go to a McDonald’s.

Authenticity concerns aside, the sushi tasted great to this outsider. Though, to be fair, the atmosphere most certainly played a role in that. The restaurant was sent up with tracks to each table so that when you ordered your sushi (via the table’s tablet), a little car would come down along the track delivering the food. Who wouldn’t love that?

As for the food itself, what can I say? I’ve already stated that I’m not a foodie. I’m a Type-I diabetic – I eat things to live. If I could get away with not eating, I’d do it. My diet consists of apples, bananas, broccoli, and lots of corn. Oh yeah, and tons of peanuts. (I’m certain the stock price of Japan’s 7-11 branch skyrocketed while I was there; mainly due to me buying peanuts all the damn time.)

So everything tasted great. As it should, since I was eating sushi in Japan. That fact alone would elevate anything.