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“히든 피겨스” 영화를 비평해요 (“Hidden Figures” Review for All You Yanks)

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오늘 저는 영화 “히든 피겨스를” 봐요 결정했어요. (Today I decided to see the movie “Hidden Figures.”)

저는 캐빈 코스트너 팬이 아니예요. (I’m not a Kevin Costner fan. FUN FACT!: In Korean, “Costner” translates to “Costnah.”)

저는 이영화가 좋기를 바래요. (I hope the movie is good.)

“히든 피겨스는” 내가 생각했던 것 보다 더 좋았다. (“Hidden Figures” was better than I thought.)

그것은 내가 잠에서 깨어난 후에 더 좋았다. (It was better after I woke up.)

저는 인종차별 대한 영화를 좋아해요. (I like movies about racism.)

게다가 영화가 못 같은 드라마를 있었어요. (Also, the movie wasn’t a mushy drama.)

게다가  그 영화 음악은 아주 좋았어요. (In addition, the movie’s music was very good.)

만약 그 여인들 위대한 것들을 이룰 수 있다면 나는 한국말을 배울 수 있다. (If these women can achieve great things, then I can learn Korean.)

영화를 본 후에 나는 Ray Charles의 앨범을 사기로 결정했다. (After watching the film, I decided to buy a Ray Charles album.)

(Full disclosure: I’m a huge Janelle Monae fan. So huge, in fact, that I failed to realize she was one of the film’s star until a day after watching it. I kept thinking how much the one actress looked like her, but I never put two-and-two together. Until I translated her name on the mini-poster. (자넬 모네!))

Like I said, this week’s corrections weren’t a joke. Two steps forward, one step back.


“대한민국이 낚였다” 영화를 비평해요

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어제 영화의 이름은 “비정규직 특수요원” 이에요. 그것은 코믹 영화 예요. 배우들이 모두 한국어를 만 얘기했어요. 그것은 이해하기에 어려웠지만 나는 최선을 다했어요. 그 영화는 정말로 재미가 없었지만 나는 한국어를 연습하러 갔어요.

Translation: Yesterday’s movie’s name was “Special Agent.” It’s a comedy. The actors all speak Korean. It was hard to understand, but I tried my best. The movie really wasn’t funny, but I went to practice Korean.

영화관의 진원이 아주 친절했어요. 내가 영화관안으로 들어가고 있을때 그가 나를 멈춨어 갔고 있어요. “너의 영화는 한국어 예우고!,” 그가 말했어요. “괜찮아요라고,” 전 그에게 말했어요. 제 한국어는 연습을 필요로해요.

Translation: The movie theater worker was very nice. He stopped me when I was walking into the theater. “Your movie is Korean,” he said. “It’s okay,” I said to him. My Korean needs the practice.